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   2001.09 - 2005.02     Egyptology, Bachelor Degree
   University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark   description of studies

   Scope of studies:
- The study of Ancient Egyptian language and culture with 1 year elective studies.
- Average of exam grades: 10.4   (graded acc. to  the Danish 13 scale)
   Elective courses:
- Coptic, Sahidic
- Semantics and pragmatics
- Historical linguistics

   1998.08 - 2001.07     Teknisk assistent, fremstilling (Technical assistant)
Københavns tekniske skole, Copenhagen, Denmark   description of level of education

   Scope of studies:
A 3 year programme consisting of 3 terms at a technical school alternating with trainee periods at a company. The school terms constitute approx. 14 months divided into three periods with the 22 months of internship placed in between.
The studies cover construction and design, drawing and calculation, planning and operations, administration and documentation.

- Final project exam grade: 11   (graded acc. to the Danish 13 scale)
- Information technology
- Product development
- Business studies
- Quality control
- Technology and drawing principles.
- Technical draughting (CAD)
- Technical mathematics and physics
- Electrical technology
- Construction and documentation
- First-aid

   1993.08 - 1996.06     Matematisk student (High School graduate)
Solrød Gymnasium, Solrød Strand, Denmark   description of education

Scope of studies:
- Common academic studies with focus on mathematics and natural sciences.
- Average of exam grades: 9.0   (graded acc. to the Danish 13 scale)
   Elective courses:
- English
- Biology
- Art

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